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  • Welcome to the virtual studio of Karen Dover Modern Art, the culmination of a lifelong exploratory adventure into the worlds of Art and Science. The meeting point of these domains has always been a fascination to the physician, academic and artist in me, as the pinnacle of this union is a truly magical place where creativity reigns. The rich influences of jazz and classical music, dance, architecture, literature, travel, and cuisine, are blended with my study and practice of medicine and surgery, photography, and ceramics; interwoven are inspirations from an abundance of extraordinary life experiences, including motherhood, nurturing the perfect cauldron.


    The ensuing artwork is the result of my abstract interpretation and adaptation of these themes and elements, intuitively layering and revealing textures and nuanced flavours, playing in the colourful light and dancing with the shadows, and dynamically engaging motion to evoke emotion. At the core is a pervasive optimism and curiosity, infused with a sense of freedom to challenge the established boundaries, a fearless questioning of my creative options, and ultimately, the joy of witnessing the sublimation of perceived limits. Forging ahead with no guarantee of outcome has become the quintessential mantra for this uncharted path of discovery. 


    Please enjoy this Art exhibition, which has been conceived from the source, transmuting my deepest memories and sensory impressions into a tangible artistic expression for you to experience.





    PS Private viewings at the Carp studio are welcome by appointment.
    Please contact Karen Dover Modern Art at karen@karendovermodernart.com

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